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As a daily user of SiF Sealers, I can't recommend it highly enough. As a business owner, I need a sealer that will work on all porous surfaces, save me time by not having to return to the job to apply it and save me labour costs by not having to roll on multiple coats. SIF Sealers do all of this and more! Each time I seal a Customers paving or concrete they are amazed at how the water just beads on the surface!

Jarrah Perth Soft Wash and Pressure Cleaning

SIF Sealers have revolutionised my business, cleaning and sealing in the same day has increased customer satisfaction as well as business profits. Highly recommended"

David All West Pressure Cleaning

As a business owner (Pressure Cleaner) I have switched to Sif Sealers as of a year ago. I am finding the ease of application incredibly useful. These products have cut my labour costs in half!!!!! Very happy to recommend Sif Sealers to fellow industry professionals. 👌🏼

Luke Rarere KleenAz Window & Pressure Cleaning